• What is the Kickball Klassic?

The Kickball Klassic is a 2 day, 24 team, double elimination co-ed kickball tournament in Steamboat Springs. Teams from around the state join in the fun throughout the weekend.  Each team will play at least one game on Friday and at least one on Saturday. Once you lose, you get another chance to play & win. If you lose twice, you’re out of the tournament, so winning is key!

Booze is not sold at the tournament and we are not responsible for players bringing in containers. No glass is allowed.  Pets are allowed at the tournament, but must stay on a leash, out of the dugout, and off the field at all times.

  • When is the Kickball Klassic?

Friday, August 25th & Saturday, August 26th

  • How many teams are in the Kickball Klassic?

The Kickball Klassic is a 24 team, double elimination tournament. Sign up is first come first served and once the tournament is full no more teams will be accepted. We will start a waitlist one the team spots fill up, but there are no guarantees on the waitlist.

  • What are the team requirements?

There can be up to 11 players in the field, and at least 5 must be female. If you are only able to field 4 women, you will only be able to field 4 men, making the total defensive players you will have on the field 8. Teams can have no more than 16 players. Only 16 t-shirts will be ordered.  All team members must sign a waiver before playing in the tournament and if a team member is caught without a waiver your team will forfeit the game.

  • How do I register a team?

Registration opens up on July 31st, 2017 at 10am   Registration is first come, first served. Once registered, no refunds will be given, but you can transfer your team to another person if you cannot make the tournament and that team will pay you back. When registering you will register your team name, start time and pick your t-shirt color. You will also fill in t-shirt sizes for up to 16 players. Inappropriate team names will not be accepted.

  • What time does the tournament start/end?

The tournament will kick off on Friday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. and will play through the 10:00 p.m. hour under the lights. Play will begin on Saturday morning at 11:00 a.m. and we will play through the 8:00 p.m. hour to name a winner.  All teams must show up at least 30 minutes before their first game and 15 minutes before other games.

  • How will the start times be drawn?

NEW THIS YEAR, you will get to pick your start time when registering your team.  Start times are 5:00 (8 total), 6:00 (8 total), 7:00 (4 total), 8:00 (4 total) p.m. and are all first come, first served.

  • How long are games?

Games are five innings or 50 minutes. If there is a tie at 50 minutes, you will play through the existing inning and after that any run home counts as the win.

  • Where does the Kickball Klassic take place?

Howelsen Hill Athletic Fields in downtown Steamboat Springs at the base of Howelsen Hill.

  • How can I guarantee my t-shirt color?

We are not reserving t-shirt colors for teams in advance this year. When you register and pay your team fees you can then pick your t-shirt color and give us your t-shirt sizes. Once t-shirt sizes are in, they cannot be changed.

  • Do all my teammates have to wear the official Kickball Klassic t-shirt in games?

Yes, all team members must have on a KK t-shirt during play. No exceptions!

  • Is there a team captains meeting?

There will be a team captains meeting the week of the event at Townies (1744 Lincoln Ave.) at 6pm on Wednesday August 23rd. The event director will be in touch with all team captains regarding this meeting. If your team captain cannot make the meeting, please send another player to attend. All team captains MUST be at this meeting because some things have changed this year and we must go over them. You will also get your team packets and team t-shirts at this meeting.  If you are from out of town, please email lee@alwaysmountaintime.com and we will cover the rules or set up a time to meet.

  • Will there be food at the event?

Yes, the City Concession stand will be open for business this year with the following options available.  Burgers will be 6oz in size and topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion.  Each sandwich will come with chips and a pickle spear.  Jumbo Dogs and Johnsonville Brats will come with chips and a pickle spear. There will also be sauerkraut or peppers & onions available to top off your dog or brat!  BBQ Brisket Sandwich Basket and a Rib Basket will come with chips and a pickle spear. If someone would like to swap chips for potato salad with these baskets…that’s ok too!  And of course there will be the usual Concession Treats: Nachos, Soft Pretzels, and Ice Cream Treats.  Drinks:  Soda, Water, PowerAid, and Beer.

  • Can we bring our own beer?

Unlike past years, we are working with the City Concession stand to serve alcohol which meands no outside alcohol will be allowed this year.  Please keep that in mind with planning your weekend.

  • Questions/Concerns?

Email Lee at lee@radiatelive.com.